by Luke Shulman

Sloan Health & Bio-Innovations Conference

We were lucky to have a poster selected for the MIT Sloan Health & Bio-Innovations Conference held this Friday (Feb 24, 2017).

There is detail about our poster in a future post but I thought I would share some thoughts about the conference as a whole.

The MIT conference had two keynote speakers and three panel discussions. I find these formats difficult because there is very little opportunity for the challenge some biases or false information. For instance, a hospital executive said that a loss $90 Million on Medicaid patients was choking innovation. Despite the fact that patient service revenue is over $2 Billon and is up close to 10% YoY. Another payer representative cited workplace walking campaigns as an amazing bio-innovation while sitting alongside representatives from Watson and Athena who are redefining the use of data in healthcare.

Ok, I quibble. We had a great time at the conference some highlights were the Lightning talks by MIT affilated entrepreneurs and researchers. They challenged some fundamental assumptions in the healthcare system.

Thinking that we’ll solve major health issues w/ apps & mobile phones is the wrong starting point. -Resef Levin, MIT Professor of Operations Research.

This is a great point. We often fall victim to finding the hammer and hunting for the nail. Big Data isn’t the thing that is needed for healthcare. Better information for providers and patients is what is needed. Big data may help with that it may also get in the way. While I missed HIMSS17 this year, getting this message into my head was really valuable. Plus the conference was right up the street.

The other poster presenters were fascinating with everything from Brain-Computer analysis to innovative genomics so were honored to be a part of it. Thanks to the team at MIT and Sloan school who organized it.