by Jacob Luria

Innovation in Medicaid

Medicaid continues to be an area for tremendous growth and disruption in the health care market. Served by traditional Medicaid programs, Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, and increasingly through Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations under state-based 115 waivers, the innovation and opportunities for new solutions is growing rapidly. The majority of our work focuses on bringing new solutions to Medicaid and other underserved populations. One key element that drives our work is the need for greater emphasis on non-clinical factors – specifically social determinants of health (SDOH).

Our solutions enable Medicaid care provides to manage, understand, integrate, and plan interventions based on a consistent, timely, and trended set of data points such as negative income trend, increased instability of housing, and lack of high-quality food options.

In support of Algorex’s participation in the Association for Community-Affiliated Health Plan (ACAP), Village Capital, and California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) Medicaid innovation challenge – we were able to gain great feedback and present our offerings to a strong set of Medicaid care providers. Other companies that participated in the challenge are shown in this great infographic published by CHCF