by Jacob Luria

The Trump administration, as portrayed in an recent Axios piece by Sam Baker is more than quietly revolutionizing Medicaid, it is reducing membership in the safety net payor through administrative gates, work requirements, and enforcing premiums as low as $1. Readers note: Medicaid has historically not charged premiums and this action reduces membership by adding additional barries. Additionally, most billings activities are more expense than the revenue gained. These efforts have one goal - reduce the number of individuals on Medicaid. While the Obama administration was not opposed to these elements there were often deployed in tandem with coverage expansions.

Believing that Medicaid is a critical component to keep underserved populations covered - we support clients to maintain coverage wherever possible. We do this by identifying and staying in front of administrative information mis-matches (no member should lose coverage because of returned mail), calculating household size and acuity to align with state-specific rules, and staying ahead of state Medicaid agencies.