What Supplements Health? Buried in a recent CMS announcement was a seemingly small policy change related to helping Medicare members with their social determinants of health. Medicare, the insurance program for the elderly and disabled in the United States, is really two independent programs. In one, the beneficiary medical costs are covered directly by the federal government. This is often referred to as Original Medicare or Medicare Fee-For-Service. The second option is for individuals to obtain Medicare insurance through private insurance companies.
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Predicting Emergency Room Visits: Why Melbourne’s proof of concept is likely to succeed. Through research into modeling care pathways, I came across Dr. Chris Pearce & team’s proposed study to gauge a patient’s risk of an emergency visit. The proof-of-concept study will use the clinical data warehouse in East Melbourne to train a predictive machine learning algorithm to identify patients likely to present at the emergency department. In one sense, this program is typical of various population health efforts.
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CMS Assignment & Care Pathways We were fortunate enough to have this poster selected for presentation at the MIT Sloan Health and Bio-Innovations Conference. A portion of this analysis also appeared in the Arcadia Data Gallery Creating the research poster allowed us to test Algorex Health’s underlying mission, how does advanced analytics actual get done in healthcare. So we created a research question and tried to solve it. Along the way, we documented how we solved the analytical challenges we faced and plan to structure or libraries and APIs to accelerate the next analyst faced with an assignment question.
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