“Social Determinants” are fast becoming the new buzzword in population health. Recent findings have reiterated what many intuitively know. 60% of a patient’s total health is determined not by their clinical conditions but by other factors such as where they live, their household status, and their behaviors - collectively SDOH. source The following chart from the link above summarizes the social determinants by category: Health organizations including insurance plans and hospital systems don’t have great data on these factors.
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RISE Nashville I recently returned from the amazing RISE Association Risk Adjustment Conference. In my experience, there are two types of conferences. Puff conferences that are designed to be congratulatory to the sponsors/exhibitors and the participants. Puff conferences are filled with congratulatory sessions that are a hodgepodge tales and stories from the field wrapped in the veneer education credits. Then there are conferences where people have to learn something and are getting to work and sessions are largely lead by experts.
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Sloan Health & Bio-Innovations Conference We were lucky to have a poster selected for the MIT Sloan Health & Bio-Innovations Conference held this Friday (Feb 24, 2017). There is detail about our poster in a future post but I thought I would share some thoughts about the conference as a whole. The MIT conference had two keynote speakers and three panel discussions. I find these formats difficult because there is very little opportunity for the challenge some biases or false information.
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