As health systems actively mobilize to prepare for the growing number of COVID-19 cases, many changes in day-to-day practices are occurring in order to ready the hospitals for this global pandemic. Some of the courses of action taken over the last few weeks include the cancellation of elective procedures, a swift scaling in the use of virtual care when appropriate, and pivots in specialties to bring more resources to departments where it is needed, just to name a few.
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A new public health policy limiting the number of people allowed in the delivery room with a mother during labor to just one has introduced a new set of challenges in the era of COVID-19. For many moms-to-be, this means — if they want a partner or family member to be there — their doula won’t be able to join them. While the immediate reaction to this scenario for many is likely to be disappointment, for others it could represent a serious risk factor to their outcome.
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