This post is part of a larger series of posts that examines the use of declarative logic programming in implementing a healthcare-specific risk score called the HCC Risk Score. The scope of this series runs through such topics as healthcare-intensive dissection of SAS code and translation into Python and PyDatalog a generic introduction to Logic Programming with Prolog and SQL (this post) discussions on the role of declarative programming in a technical organization the difference between forward-chaining and backward-chaining as an implementation strategy in logical/declarative technologies the choice of a forward-chaining embedded language called CHR for re-implementing our code from PyDatalog This post has the following characteristics:
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The following post is an introduction and summary on what will be a series of posts about the use of declarative programming, specifically logical programing, within one of Algorex’s more important libraries – the HCC (hierarchical code categories) risk calculator. It is our hope that this series of posts might be interesting to several classes of reader: The imperative programmer (regardless of field) who has never encountered the term ‘logical programming’ before.
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A World Without Claims

A World Without Claims It’s an oft-repeated phrase that the fee-for-service healthcare system rewards volume not value. Thus, it incentivizes providers to simply render more care rather than render better care. The healthcare claim is the physical embodiment of that system. It is literally the bill on which a provider writes out a list a of the services and expected fees. If you have never seen one, I encourage you to look at the raw form for professional services or for institutional services.
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My Wish List for 2017 To close out the year, I am hoping on the bandwagon and putting out a listicle of just things I would like to see in 2017. This list cuts across healthcare and data science technologies. Healthcare RxClass Reversal: If you do research using medication data, you will eventually come across the amazing set of RxNorm tools which are maintained by the National Library of Medicine.
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