This post is part of a larger series of posts that examines the use of declarative logic programming in implementing a healthcare-specific risk score called the HCC Risk Score. The scope of this series runs through such topics as healthcare-intensive dissection of SAS code and translation into Python and PyDatalog a generic introduction to Logic Programming with Prolog and SQL (this post) discussions on the role of declarative programming in a technical organization the difference between forward-chaining and backward-chaining as an implementation strategy in logical/declarative technologies the choice of a forward-chaining embedded language called CHR for re-implementing our code from PyDatalog This post has the following characteristics:
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The following post is an introduction and summary on what will be a series of posts about the use of declarative programming, specifically logical programing, within one of Algorex’s more important libraries – the HCC (hierarchical code categories) risk calculator. It is our hope that this series of posts might be interesting to several classes of reader: The imperative programmer (regardless of field) who has never encountered the term ‘logical programming’ before.
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